We believe that the next major inflection point in the growth and adoption of web3 comes from the abstraction of complexity at the level of consumers and developers.

Our goal is to help accelerate the global adoption of web3 by partnering with exceptional teams that are building products, services and infrastructure for the next billion users, and providing them with access to our tools, deep product expertise and global expert network.

Helping ventures scale and grow is a core part of our DNA, and as we enter the next innings of web3 we believe it is more important than ever to have a partner that knows how to scale fast and how to translate web2 growth playbooks to web3 company needs.

We target Pre-Seed to Series A companies and focus on web3 consumer and infrastructure solutions. Our privately-financed fund structure means that we invest with a long-term mindset and have the ability to hold both equity and tokens.


Strategic Sparring

Our global team of highly dedicated experts offer hands-on support across a broad range of core strategic areas throughout a company’s lifecycle including, but not limited to, organization building, go-to-market, monetization and pricing, community and PR, growth, or fundraising.

HR & Recruiting Support

We’ve partnered with top-tier academic institutions, provide dedicated in-house web3 recruiting support and have access to best-in-class external recruiters to help founders access a large pool of high-quality candidates at all levels of seniority.

Legal & Regulatory Strategy

We work closely with some of the best law firms in the digital asset space and provide access to local regulators and lawyers to help founders navigate the nascent and ever-shifting legal/regulatory landscape.

Global Expert Network & Partnerships

We offer founders access to our close partnerships and preferential terms with top crypto service providers (across developer infrastructure, custody & market making) and to our broad network of crypto experts to advise on everything from audits to zk-rollups.

Dedicated Pre-Seed Support

Our web3 Pre-Seed team supports founders from day one of founding their business with ideation, hypothesis testing, operational support and co-founder matching. Our goal is to connect talented & passionate web3 founders while serving as an entrepreneurial sparring partner to help establish the business models of tomorrow. Most importantly, our support continues until portfolio companies reach and cross the inflection point.